Benchmark your current NIR or FTIR calibration models.

Benchmarking Service.

Compare your models against those developed by Sagitto using the latest machine learning techniques.
Compare your current NIR calibration models to what machine learning can provide

Benchmark Your Models.

Compare your current NIR or FTIR calibration models to ones created using the latest machine learning techniques, to be sure that you are using the best possible models.

How It Works

1. Explorer Account
We put in place our standard Explorer Account services agreement that sets out our mutual expectations, and includes clauses around protecting IP. In particular, the agreement states that your data and any models that we create using your data remains your property. Unless you explicitly say so, we cannot share your data or models with any other party.
2. We Recreate Your Current Models
Using your spectral and reference data, and the same data pre-processing steps and algorithms that you have used, we recreate your models as closely as possible. We calculate model performance metrics for these recreated models.
3. We Build New Models
Using your spectral and reference data, and our usual pre-processing steps and algorithms, we create new models. We then calculate model performance metrics for these new models.
4. We Report The Comparison
We provide you with a comparison between the performance of your current models, and those that we have created using our modelling approach. We suggest reasons for any differences in performance, and give you advice on how you might optimise your models using your current techniques.
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