Textiles Testing

The simple, safe and accurate way to check textile composition for recycling and reuse.
No more burn tests - scan with Sagitto and get immediate fibre composition
Burn testing for fabric composition is not only destructive but also a health and safety hazard

Test textiles quickly and non-destructively.

If you enter the search term "How to find out what a fabric is made from" then you're likely to find references to 'burn tests'. Fabric (or textile) burn tests involve taking a small sample of the fabric and holding it over a naked flame to observe whether it shrinks, melts or burns.Clearly this isn't safe - nor is it suitable when sorting textiles for recycling.

Now there's a much safer, quicker and completely non-destructive way to determine the fibre composition of fabrics, using Sagitto's 'Lab-in-the-Hand' spectrometer. Within seconds, the composition of a garment can be displayed and used in your textile sorting application.
Sagitto can measure the percentage cotton and polyester in a textile

Fabric composition in seconds.

It takes only a few seconds to get the composition of fabrics from your Sagitto spectrometer. Just place the scanning window against the fabric sample, press the button, and the results will appear on your iOS device (and in the Cloud). Then print a unique label with just a press of a button, so that the fibre content can be seen by all.

Create a unique label for each sample
Each Sagitto test has its own unique AR code
Unique QR code for every result
Get Sagitto reports in the language of our choice
Choice of language

Unique fingerprints.

Each fabric has a unique absorption spectrum in the NIR wavelength range. Sagitto has used these unique NIR fingerprints and created accurate machine learning models to allow you to quickly analyse the fibre composition of fabrics.

No more guessing.
Quantify common mixtures, like polyester/cotton.
Each report has a confidence rating.
Every textile has a unique NIR fingerprint

Customers are thrilled with their textile testing results.

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