Testing Plastics

The Sagitto's Lab-In-The-Hand comes with a machine learning model to accurately identify plastic polymers

Quickly identify plastics.

With a simple scan using the Sagitto spectrometer, you can know exactly what type of plastic polymer that you're working with.
Although plastic containing carbon black can be a problem - see this Blog post for an explanation.
You can immediately see what Resin Identification Code it is

Unique fingerprints.

Each type of plastic polymers has a unique absorption spectrum in the 900nm - 1700nm wavelength range. Sagitto has used these differences to build very accurate classification models, by applying sophisticated machine learning techniques.

No more guessing.
A wide range of plastic polymer types.
Each report has a confidence rating.
AS9100  Verification of Raw Material .
EASA  Verification of Raw Material.
NIR Models customised for your industry.
Each plastic polymer has a unique NIR fingerprint
Sagitto reports in the language of your choice

Results in seconds.

It takes only a few seconds to get results from your Sagitto spectrometer. Just place the scanning window against the sample, press the button, and the plastic polymer type will appear on your iOS device (and in the Cloud).

A unique QR code records the plastic polymer test results
Unique QR code for every result
Sagitto can report in Chinese language
Choice of language

Customers are thrilled with their polymer testing results.

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