Hops Testing

Accurate machine learning models can be built from NIR spectra, to rapidly measure alpha acids and other compounds in hop cones, pellets, and hop extracts.
Hop cones ready for harvest in Elsendorf, Bavaria, Germany
Elsendorf, Bavaria, Germany
Hop cone colour with machine vision
Hop cones are flowers, and turn brown as they age. Machine vision provides an objective measure of hop cone colour.

Manage  variability.

The female flowers - or 'cones' - on hop vines are rich in terpenoid essential oils and terpenophenolic resins. These compounds give hops their characteristic bitter flavour, and also impart a wide range of distinctive aromas.

To produce a consistent product for brewers, hop growers must manage the considerable natural variability in alpha and beta acids, moisture, oil content, and colour of hop cones. This variability can be by block, by variety and between seasons.

Using NIR spectroscopy and machine vision, hop producers can objectively analyse this natural variability in much more granular detail. Click here to read about HPA's experience, for example.

Rapid Hop Analysis with Sagitto's Handheld NIR.

Sagitto's miniature near-infrared spectrometer is very small, light weight, and battery powered. Ideal for rapid pre-harvest and at-harvest analyses of hop cones for alpha acids, beta acids, Hop Storage Index (HSI), hop oil volume, moisture, and Dry Matter.

Rapid measurement.
Very affordable.
Field portable.
An example Sagitto report for a sample of hops
PerkineElmer Spectrum 2N FT-NIR being used to analyse hops at BarthHaas GmbH

Benchtop FT-NIR too.

Some of the world's largest hop producers use Sagitto's system in their laboratories, to measure hops and hop extracts with extremely high levels of accuracy and precision. They  use our expertise in building machine learning models for benchtop FT-NIR instruments. We provide one integrated system that contains all their calibration models, whether for bench-top or hand-held instruments.

PerkinElmer Spectrum 2N delivers amazingly accurate analyses of hops
Accurate and precise results, delivered in seconds
Sagitto calibration models are available wherever in the world you are
Available to all corporate units regardless of location

Customers are thrilled with the results we've achieved.

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