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Australian Galaxy hops and New Zealand Nectaron hops being enjoyed by the team at HPA
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Customers are singing our praises.

“Kavalytics has taken our kava business to whole new level - immediate data feedback to enables us to find good beverage grade kava.”

John Sanday
Owner of Kava Korporesen (Fiji) Ltd

“Sagitto have demonstrated quality, flexibility and awesome turnaround times for model generation and revision.”

Dr Simon Whittock
New Cultivar Development,
Hop Products Australia

"With Sagitto we have been able to rapidly and accurately grade production oils to maximise our sales revenues."

Dr Wayne Campbell
Science & Technical Manager, Manuka Biologicals Ltd
The Barth-Haas Group comprises several privately owned family companies and is the world's largest supplier of hop products. Sagitto is proud to provide services to the Barth-Haas Group worldwide.

Dramatic Increase In Productivity with FT-NIR and Machine Learning

BarthHaas has greatly improved the productivity of its manufacturing processes by using FT-NIR and machine learning, reducing sample analysis that previously took hours to just minutes.
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Södra uses large volumes of post-consumer waste textiles which normally would be incinerated or go to landfill - items with a blend of cotton and polyester which have been impossible to recycle efficiently until now. Södra processes these textile blends to get pure cellulose, and combines it with cellulose from wood taken from Södra's owners responsibly managed forests in Southern Sweden. The result is OnceMore®, a new high quality raw material ready to re-enter the textile value chain.

OnceMore® - Sustainable Forestry and Waste Textiles

Many end-of-life garments are blends of polyester and cotton. Swedish forestry giant Södra has created the world’s first process for recycling textile waste from blended fabrics on an industrial scale.​
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In 2017, Hop Products Australia (HPA) set themselves the target of analysing their hops without using traditional solvent-based methods in the lab. Industry standard methods for the analysis of alpha acid content currently involves the use of toluene and methanol, two harmful and highly flammable solvents that require specialised waste handling measures post-analysis. Reducing the transport, storage and handling of these chemicals was identified as a means to simultaneously improve workplace safety for HPA’s lab team, while also reducing hazardous waste to the environment.

Environmentally friendly hop analysis at Hop Products Australia using NIR and machine learning

NIR rapid on-site analysis of hops at Hop Products Australia (HPA) has resulted in a 70% reduction in hazardous solvent use and waste. Extensive use of NIR provides significant productivity benefits and exemplifies HPA’s vision for sustainable business practices.
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Renewcell takes textile waste with high cellulose content, such as worn-out cotton jeans and cotton production scraps, and converts this into Circulose® - sheets of cellulose. These sheets can readily be dissolved into pure cellulose to make viscose, lyocell, modal, acetate other types of man-made cellulosic fibers. These fibers can then spun into yarns, woven or knitted into fabrics and finally cut and sewn into new high-quality textile products.

Award-winning textile recycling company Renewcell based in Sweden

Renewcell sources fabric globally from denim factories and secondhand retailers, and converts this fabric into sheets of dissolvable cellulose.
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The West Auckland Resource Centre ('WARC') was established to provide an affordable service where recycled materials can be accessed by the community and used to promote ongoing learning through the creative arts.

Treasure trove of donated textiles finding reuse

The West Auckland Resource Centre is treasure trove of donated materials, that can be accessed by the community as an affordable resource to promote ongoing learning through the creative arts.
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Using Sagitto's AI models and miniature NIR spectrometers, within seconds Manuka Biologicals can check for oil purity and make well informed blending decisions for every batch.

Accurate measurement of essential oils from New Zealand manuka and kanuka plants

Oil extracted from Manuka plants harvested from the East Cape of New Zealand is high in natural β-triketones. The Sagitto system provides Manuka Biologicals Ltd with a rapid and accurate way of grading their oils.
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The innovative Kavalytics system, using Sagitto's spectrometer and machine learning models developed for Kavalytics, is playing an essential role in supporting the growth of the South Pacific kava industry and the local economies that depend on sellng kava for a fair price. Now kava producers in Vanuatu, Fiji, Papua New Guinea, Samoa, Tonga, Micronesia, Solomon Islands, and Hawaii are able to receive fair value for their product, based objective scientific measurement of chemotype, kavalactones, and flavokavains.

Rapid in-field kava testing supports Pacific Island economies

Sagitto is proud to have helped its customer Kavalytics to develop an exciting new way for Pacific Islands growers, merchants, and exporters of kava to implement quality control and traceability through the kava value chain.
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