Rapid in-field kava testing supports Pacific Island economies

Sagitto is proud to have helped its customer Kavalytics to develop an exciting new way for Pacific Islands growers, merchants, and exporters of kava to implement quality control and traceability through the kava value chain.

A Lab In The Hand.

A laboratory-grade spectrometer that fits in the palm of your hand, that you can use anywhere.
Used in more than 20 countries around the world.
Sagitto customers have made more than 300,000 predictions.
Results are displayed within 10 seconds of scanning a sample.

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Dramatic Increase In Productivity with FT-NIR and Machine Learning

BarthHaas has greatly improved the productivity of its manufacturing processes by using FT-NIR and machine learning, reducing sample analysis that previously took hours to just minutes.
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OnceMore® - Sustainable Forestry and Waste Textiles

Many end-of-life garments are blends of polyester and cotton. Swedish forestry giant Södra has created the world’s first process for recycling textile waste from blended fabrics on an industrial scale.​
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Environmentally friendly hop analysis at Hop Products Australia using NIR and machine learning

NIR rapid on-site analysis of hops at Hop Products Australia (HPA) has resulted in a 70% reduction in hazardous solvent use and waste. Extensive use of NIR provides significant productivity benefits and exemplifies HPA’s vision for sustainable business practices.
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