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Professional NIR and FT-NIR Spectrometer Calibration Services

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Our team of experts offer professional NIR spectrometer calibration services. Improve your measurements with our customizable solutions.
We build calibration models for NIR instruments so that our customers don't have to.
Fast and Accurate. We build multivariate calibration models for NIR and FT-NIR spectrometers so that our customers don't have to.
We're experts with both handheld or benchtop spectrometers
Any Instruments, Any Targets. We're experts with both handheld or benchtop spectrometers, for a wide range of applications.
One integrated NIR calibration system available throughout the world.
Available Anywhere. One integrated system for NIR and FT-NIR spectrometers wherever their location.
Sagitto doesnt have any steep learning curve like Camo Aspen Unscrmbler X
Want to use the power of AI? Let Sagitto help you to quickly get the most from your NIR and FT-NIR spectrometers using the latest AI techniques.

We build machine learning models for NIR and FT-NIR spectrometers,
so that you don't have to.

Sagitto helps you to apply the power of AI to your multivariate calibration models for NIR and FT-NIR spectrometers. No need to train specialist staff to master complicated multivariate chemometrics software to replace your tired PLS models.

Our fully-managed multivariate model building service ensures that users of NIR and FT-NIR instruments quickly get the most from their investment, wherever they are in the world, using the latest AI techniques.

Benchmark your models with our money-back guarantee.

What We Offer

Hardware and Services

A Lab in the Hand

Sagitto's handheld near-infrared spectrometer is very small, lightweight, and battery powered. A true lab-in-the-hand.

Pre-Built Models

Our portable NIR spectrometer comes with a range of pre-built calibration models for plastic, textiles, carpet, and more.

Easy to Use

No special training required - entirely controlled using our iOS app.

Other Spectrometers Too

We provide a single integrated system that contains calibration models for all your instruments, whether NIR or FTIR.
Data science as a service
No need to learn how to use Camo Aspen Unscrmbler X

Data Cleaning and Model Building

We ensure that your calibration models develop and grow with your business.
Sagitto helps you decide how much further your calibration models can be improved

Prompt & Transparent Reporting

Each time that a model is rebuilt we provide meaningful statistics, with an assessment of its potential for further improvement.
Don't be limited to Unscrmbler's  PLS multivariate analysis

Machine Learning

We are experts at applying machine learning to spectroscopy data.
Sagitto's API allows you to to fully integrate spectroscopy data and predictions into your own computer systems.

Integration With Your Systems

Our API allows you to to fully integrate spectroscopy data and predictions into your own computer systems.
Sagitto's spectrometer fits in the palm of your hand

A Miniature Handheld NIR Spectrometer

Easily analyse samples using Sagitto's portable handheld NIR spectrometer (a 'Lab In The Hand').

More About The Spectrometers We Support
Don't be mystified by Honigs Regression.

Predictive Models

We build machine learning models for customers' NIR spectroscopy data. We also have models of our own, for fabrics, carpets, plastics, and more.

More About Sagitto Data Science As A Service

Some of the ways that Sagitto is being used.

We're helping all sorts of customers around the world. Whether it's sorting textiles, plastics, or carpets for recycling, choosing the optimum blends of hops, the quality of kava, the composition of essential oils, or simply confirming that a product conforms to standards, we will provide you with all the software and hardware tools you need to hit your targets
The Barth-Haas Group comprises several privately owned family companies and is the world's largest supplier of hop products. Sagitto is proud to provide services to the Barth-Haas Group worldwide.

Dramatic Increase In Productivity with FT-NIR and Machine Learning

BarthHaas has greatly improved the productivity of its manufacturing processes by using FT-NIR and machine learning, reducing sample analysis that previously took hours to just minutes.
Meet Some Of Our Customers
Used by some of the world’s most respected companies including:
Manuka Biosciences is a Sagitto customerBarthHaas is a Sagitto customerHPA is a Sagitto customer
Renewcell is a Sagitto customerSagitto is a preferred data science supplier to ams-Osram
Heilala Vanilla is a Sagitto customerWornnAgain is a Sagitto customer

Hit your measurement targets with Sagitto

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